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  • Jeannette McGill

Mountaineering Moments #4 . . . Cassie Davies

▶️ Cassie is one of the people that I’m happy to have met that lives and breathes the outdoors from all it’s glorious angles. After my relocation to Australia and crossing Facebook paths we eventually met during the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Festival in Queenstown, New Zealand. Whenever I see her posts I’m a mixture of awe and fomo!. Here is someone that doesn’t talk as much as just simply goes out and does! AND she has also summitted the suitably moody Aoraki/Mount Cook in New Zealand among a smorgasbord of amazing adventures. 😍 Now based in NYC, USA she has a whole "new" mountain world to explore.

🏔 Favourite mountain expedition to date: Mt Cook last December. Because it was the hardest climb I’ve done yet and was super happy to pull it off unguided in a decent time

🏔 Top 2 gear must haves: The perfect harness for the job. It means so much for me to be comfy and totally aware of how I’ve racked up. And a good, breathable hard shell.

🏔 Hardest lesson: I cry. When I’m challenged outside my comfort zone or scared or anxious about an upcoming climb. I’ve had to learn that the tears will come and to be okay with the fact they will

🏔 Music or Audiobooks: audiobooks

🏔 Shewee or Squat: squat

🏔 Sunrise or Sunset: sunrise

🏔 First post-Covid project: Bugaboos (eastern British Colombia, Canada) and Mt Rainier (Washington State, USA) are my next fascinations to obsess with whilst isolating

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