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Mountaineering Moments - #3 . . . Sunny Stroeer

▶️ Confession: Sunny and I have never met in person. However, in the spirit of the current Covid-times and to illustrate the importance and relevance of virtual platforms and resultant networks, I will share that Sunny and I connected across the miles first via Instagram and now we chat and share about all things adventure and business and growth etc etc with the hope that we will possibly collaborate formally at some stage. She is bold and enthusiastic and a role model to many.

Sunny is also a true adventurer. Her passion and speciality is high altitude endurance; she holds FKT speed records on Aconcagua, China’s TransQuilian and the Annapurna Circuit. With numerous challenging climbs and mountains under her belt she is now the proud owner of Dreamland Safari Tours, Utah, USA. I suggest you add them to your what-to-do in USA list. She is also the Founder of AWExpeditions - see below for some exciting related news!

🏔Favourite mountain expedition to date: Kusum Kangru in Nepal. Been there twice, trying to open up a new route, and had to retreat with my tail between my legs both times. I love the balance between exploration and familiarity, and the fact that the mountain isn’t terribly hard to access but still feels very remote.

🏔 Top 2 gear must haves: Trekking poles (LEKI are hands down the best) and Garmin GPS for communication & emergencies.

🏔 Hardest lesson: The mountain doesn’t care. Experience helps you identify objective hazards which in turn can help you to minimise your exposure to them, but playing in the mountains is just as risky — if not riskier — for experienced mountaineers as it is for newcomers to the sport.

🏔 Music or Audiobooks: Podcasts

🏔 Shewee or Squat: Squat

🏔 Sunrise or Sunset: Both

🏔 First mountain project/destination post Covid? Hopefully Kilimanjaro!! With AWExpeditions, as part of the Summit Scholarship program (4 x $5000 women’s mountaineering stipends available for this one right now, still accepting applications until April 15! ➡️

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