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  • Jeannette McGill

Mountaineering Moments - #2 . . . Siv Harstad

▶️ In 2016 I was volunteering a few weeks of my time working in a tea-house in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal. Siv was passing through on her way up to climb Everest, and she stayed over at the same lodge. She was on her own, rather than part of a large commercial company and was clearly focused and determined. I luxuriously sipped beer, as we chatted about mountains and her upcoming expedition, as the sun slunk lower across the surrounding hills.

Her Everest attempt the previous year had been impacted by the earthquake and now she was steadfastly returning to once again try. Siv did successfully summit in 2016, becoming the first Norwegian woman to summit Everest from the South side and she completed all 7 Summits in 2018! Her excitement and passion for the outdoors keeps us connected across the interwebs. Her TedX talk is also great, so look that up.

🏔Favourite mountain expedition to date: Hard to choose but must be climbing Ama Dablam because I conquered my fear of heights climbing this mountain and also was with a fantastic team of Nepalese and Norwegians.

🏔Top 2 gear must haves: Nalgene water bottle (wide mouth) and 50 SPF Sunscreen

🏔Hardest lesson: Experiencing & surviving the massive 2015 earthquake in Nepal (7,9 on Richter scale) where we got a rock-fall coming after us and in Nepal 9000 people died and 1mill lost their homes. I learned that anything can change in a heartbeat, so it is important to put your focus on what's really important to you. You might not have the chance in 5-10 years’ time (or tomorrow for that matter)

🏔Music or audiobooks: Music (but I also love audio books)

🏔Shewee or squat: shewee when cold; squat otherwise

🏔Sunrise or sunset: Sunsets

🏔First post-Covid project: Hard to tell since we don't know how long this will last... But most likely Antarctica: first climb 1-2 peaks and then ski to the South Pole

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