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  • Jeannette McGill

Mountaineering Moments #13 . . . Remy Kloos

It’s hard not to miss the sunflower that accompanies Remy on her expeditions and summits! Part of an exciting wave of upcoming mountaineers Remy’s energy and passion definitely makes her one to watch. Remy and I have compared notes via messenger and I most recently gave her down-suit ideas in the lead-up to her pre-Covid goal: an inspiring Everest / Lhotse double. (No South African female has summited Lhotse; yet). No doubt she will be first on the plane next year but for now, follow her socials! 🌻

Having finished 4 of the 7 Summits Remy is well on her way to becoming the youngest South African to complete this bucket list. After suffering through years of debilitating depression and crippling levels of anxiety, and in a bid to search for inner resolve she turned to high- altitude mountaineering. Mountains have become her greatest classroom for learning. Her #justclimb activities are supporting the Dlala Nje Foundation in South Africa.

Favourite mountain expedition: Ooo that’s a tough one... each expedition offers so much, with each one I learn more about myself, meet new ‘family’ members, & get presented with different mountain terrains that excite and hypnotise me! But let’s say Aconcagua and Denali.

Denali: for showing me how badass I can be... I was concerned about the amount of weight to be carried but I rose to the challenge!

Aconcagua: for meeting some of my best friends to date... and for making me realise that mountain climbing is in my blood and that I want to tackle 8000’s

Top 2 gear must haves: Nalgene bottle as a pee bottle to use in tent & light weight merino hoodie - max sun protection is imperative. Here again this is so tough to just say two!

Hardest Lesson: Never underestimate how cold it can get before the sun rises especially on summit day - always pack mittens (if you don’t start by wearing them) and extra hand warmers

Music or audiobooks: Both!!! Music is my soul food and I love Audio books too! But prob leaning more towards music if you told me I had to choose one

Shewee or Squat: squat

Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise

First post-Covid project: Mount Kenya or Carstensz pyramid

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